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Please Note: There are two workshops for January, 2018

January, 2018 Workshop
Write in Passive Voice and Be Passed Over By a Publisher. Online Class with with MM Pollard.
Date: January, 2018
Cost: URWA Member $30    Non-Member $35
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Do you write sentences with the doer of the action in a prepositional phrase like in this sentence?
"Bonnie was asked to the dance by Frank."
See the problem? And it's a big one for editors and publishers. Bonnie is the subject of the sentence, but she isn't acting, Frank is.
Revision: "Frank asked Bonnie to the dance."
Now, Frank is the subject and IS acting.
Confused? You're not the only writer who struggles with passive voice verbs, trust me. But your struggle may be nearing its end.
In Write in Passive Voice and Be Passed Over by a Publisher, you will receive the equivalent of a master's degree in passive voice, one of the writing errors that spell rejection by agents, editors, and publishers. We will cover what active voice and passive voice mean, how to form the passive voice, including a verb lesson, and how to form the active from the passive. We will cover the reasons not to use passive voice verbs and the few instances where passive voice is the best choice. By the end of this workshop, you will have everything you need to identify and correct passive voice writing in your writing.
Homework: Each lesson will have homework. I will personally give you feedback on every lesson you post. Think of homework as an opportunity for a mini-edit by MM.

Instructor Bio:
As an English teacher for fifteen years and, currently as editor for Black Velvet Seductions and the MM in Workshops with MM, MM Pollard has helped writers correct ungrammatical grammar, misused usage, problematic punctuation, and poor writing. Check out Testimonials on her blog, MM's Fundamentals of English. While you are there, sign up for her monthly newsletter and even look at previous newsletters.

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January, 2018 Workshop
Creating A Book Trailer. Online Class with Ines Johnson
Date: January, 2018
Cost: URWA Member $20    Non-Member $25
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Workshop Overview: Book trailers are visual depictions of a book's storyline, sometimes made by fans, which are a great way to get readers enthused. In this workshop veteran screenwriter turned romance novelist, Ines Johnson, will teach you the four simple steps of writing copy to persuade a potential reader to pick up your book. Then we'll investigate software to turn that copy into a visual book trailer. And finally, we'll share our trailers on streaming sites like Youtube and Vimeo.

Instructor Bio: Ines Johnson:
Aside from being a writer and professional reader, Ines Johnson is a seasoned educator. She currently teaches college level courses in screenwriting, story development, and media history for an art college in Washington, DC. A lifelong learner (read: academic addict), she holds a Master's in Instructional Design, and a Doctorate in Educational Technology. She is banned from getting the MFA in Creative Writing she so desperately wants until both her children are in college.
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August, 2018 Workshop
Self-Editing: How'd I Miss That? Embarrassment Prevention Skills for Writers. Online Class with Kathryn Jane.
Date: August, 2018
Cost: URWA Member $20    Non-Member $25

Do not send your manuscript to an agent, editor, contest, or retailer until you have worked it over, backwards, forwards and sideways. Show off your writing chops by sending out clean pages.
Let me arm you with all the tips I wish someone had given me, and save you from the embarrassment of the kind of mistakes I've made. Sit down with me for an hour, or sign up for a month-long online class, and learn how to easily spot crutch words, spelling weaknesses, inconsistencies, overused words, passive words, repetitious words, slow pacing, redundancies, clich├ęs, poor/incorrect word use, sentence and paragraph structure, punctuation typos, dialogue rhythms and flow, and Point of View issues.
Do not follow in my footsteps! Learn from my mistakes instead and you'll find yourself leaps and bounds ahead of your competition.

Instructor Bio:
Award-winning author, Kathryn Jane, takes readers to places they'd like to live and introduces them to characters they learn to love. She writes page-turning, Women's Fiction, and Romantic Suspense, as well as Short Stories about feral cats.
Fulfilling her passion for education Kathryn presents workshops for both aspiring and accomplished writers, and covers a broad spectrum of subjects.
In her spare time (she says laughing), Kat loves spreading kindness and joy to family, friends, and strangers alike.

September, 2018 Workshop
Crafting the Short Story and Novella. Online Class with Susan Palmquist.
Date: September, 2018
Cost: URWA Member $20    Non-Member $25

Crafting the Short Story and Novella: With the growth of the online market and e-books, there are more opportunities for writing short stories. This workshop is for those writers who want to give the shorter format a try, or for the beginning writer who wants to use short story writing as a stepping stone to novel writing. The workshop covers such things as differences in writing in long and short forms, finding the right story for the shorter format, plot, characterization, mistakes most writers make, and markets for short stories.

Instructor Bio:
Susan Palmquist writes under her own name and also her pen name Vanessa Devereaux. She's the author of 100 plus books, including writing how tos, mysteries and romances and a bestselling author of erotic romances and erotica. She pens many ongoing series. Her books have been bestsellers on all the major book sites, including Amazon, Bookstrand, All Romance E Books(TOP 50 Author), Fictionwise, and Kobo. She's also a recipient of Evernight's Reader's Choice Award. She's been teaching workshops for various RWA chapters for the last seven years and has been a writing tutor for nine years for an online writing school. She also has her own writing coaching and mentoring service for aspiring authors.

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